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    Andaman – Explore a new paradise on earth

    Are you looking for a perfect summer holiday destination? Visit Andaman and Nicobar Island. It is a new paradise on earth situated at the confluence of the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal. It is a Union territory of India. The evergreen tropical forests of this region are known for its beautiful natural surroundings and serenity.Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Since prehistoric times, the island has been inhabited by aboriginal tribes. Marco Polo is the first visitor to this beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Island, which is comprised of 572. beautiful islands. Here, you can enjoy a wide array of thrilling water sports and other activities that will surely make your holidays worth remembering.

    Best places to visit in Andaman

    Bharatpur Beach

    Located near Neil Island, Bharatpur beach is famous for its white shores and coral reefs. The best time to visit this spot is during morning and evening. The morning time is good for those who would like to enjoy swimming and viewing coral reefs. The Neil Island is often termed as the coral capital of Andaman.

    Best time to visit: During morning time.

    Cellular jail

    Cellular Jail is also known as KaalaPaani, and it is one of India’s infamous miscellanies that depict India’s independence and struggle. The jail is located at Port Blair and a must visit place for the tourists. The construction of this Cellular jail started in the year 1896 and completed in 1906.Timing: Remains open from Tuesday to Sunday. (Closed on Mondays and other public holidays)

    Visiting hours: 9 A.M to 5 P.M. Light & Sound show timing: 5:30 to 6:30

    Limestone caves

    Located at Bartang Island, this limestone cave is a must visit place for all who are planning to enjoy natural sights scene of this place. While there are not much to see at this caves, the speed boat journey is worth it as this shows you natural wonder of this place. The boat ride covers a canopy of the forest.

    Approx time: 2:30 hours

    Havelock Island

    Havelock is a popular spot among tourists for scuba driving. It is the home of therichest coral reef. The water here is pristine swarming with various marine lives.

    Peak time to visit: October to May

    North Bay Beach, Port Blair

    Located just 15 minutes away from Rajiv Gandhi Water Park, this North Bay Beach offers the easiest water sport called Sea walking. A large number of tourists gather at this place to enjoy this water sport.

    Besides these, there are many other places to visit in Andaman such as Viper Island, The great Andaman Nicobar Island, Ross and Smith Island Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, Neil Isalnd and the like. All of these places can change your lewd mood to adventurous one.