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    Explore the heritage of South India in Coonoor

    Enveloped with Lush greens and beauteous beaches, Coonoor is the second highest peak situated in the Nilgiri hills. With its breath-taking attractions, Coonoor appeals visitors from all parts of the world. The place offers so many spots to catch the attractions of travelers. Situated in the state Tamil Nadu, the place holds an apt fusion of exciting sports activities and picturesque views. The lush green beauties of this place will surely make your trip an unforgettable one. From wonderful valleys to notable viewpoints, Coonoor offers numerous options. Activities to do in Coonoor It is one of the best places to experience trekking. Here, you will find a number of trails in which Lamb’s rock is the famous. The place offers a panoramic view of Coimbatore, beautiful tea gardens and coffee plantations. When you walk through the plantation adjoining roads, you can experience a refreshing aroma coming from tea plantation.

    Best places to visit in Coonoor

    Lamb rock

    This is a famous place for trekking rails. It also offers beautiful views of coffee and tea plantations. The place is named after Captain lamb who tried to draw a path to the edge of the crag. You can get a view of Coimbatore and Hulical ravines from this place. The stream of Coonoor flows around 5000 feet below from this place.

    Sims Park

    The park is spread over 12 acres and offers an excellent profusion of different types of flowers. The park is situated 19 km away from Ooty and famous for its vegetable and fruit show. A section of this park showcases Japanese architecture.

    Dolphins nose

    The place offers an excellent view of Catherine falls and Nilgiri hills. A unique formation has been noticed at this place which looks like Dolphin's nose on both sides. The Kotagiri and Coonoor streams can be seen from one of the ravine which is just a few meters away from it.

    Catherine Falls

    At Catherine falls, water drops from a height of around 250 feet and can easily be viewed from neighboring spot dolphins nose. The surrounding views of this fall are truly impressive and breath-taking.

    Hidden Valley

    Located around 4 kilometers away from Coonoor, Hidden Valley is an amazing place to impress tourists with its pleasant weather and verdant greenery. Taking a trip to hidden valley with your loved one during your visit to Coonoor will surely give you a lifetime memory to cherish forever.

    The best time to visit Coonoor is from October to February when the weather stays pleasant and ideal for enjoying sight scenes.