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    A cosy and eco-friendly trip to the smallest hill station in India – Matheran

    If you love the Western Ghats and if you are waiting for a cosy hill station in India then Matheran is the place for you. It is the smallest hill station in the country, located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. As the name suggests, this hill station is referred to as the "forest on top" because of lush greenery, beautiful ambience, serene setting and the breath-taking view. The Collector of Thane in Maharashtra, a British Officer Hugh Mallet developed this place in 1850. What makes the dense forests and the beautiful setting even more appealing is because of the peaceful and calm surrounding that is preserved by banning vehicles there. The Govt. of India declared this place as an eco-sensitive region and this makes the place different from the rest.

    A cosy and eco-friendly trip to the smallest hill station in India –


    Best places to visit in Matheran

    Louisa Point

    Most famous for the picturesque view and setting of the mountains and the greenery, this place attracts tourists,

    who want to enjoy the sunset with its utmost beauty.

    Panorama Point

    As the name suggests, this place gives the visitors and tourists a panoramic view of the mountain

    ranges and hills. The sunset and sunrise becomes extremely beautiful from this point and hence,

    most people visit this place during early morning and evening.

    Echo Point

    If you want to hear your yells and screams coming back to you, this is the place that you must visit.

    Regardless to mention, the view is stunning. In fact, if you visit Matheran during monsoon or by October

    and November, a magnificent waterfall will be awaiting you.

    Charlotte Lake

    As you visit Louisa Point and Echo Point, you must also visit the Charlotte Lake, the main source of fresh drinking water in Matheran, located right next to these two points. The lake is beautiful with its own flora and fauna during monsoon. In summer, the water dries up.How to visit Matheran?The best way to visit Matheran is by the toy train that gives a stunning view of the small hill station. You can reach Neral, the nearest railway station from Matheran and take the toy train from this station. Many trains reach Neral from Mumbai CST. Or else you can take a cab to Neral and then walk or ride cycles or hire a horse, as no vehicle is allowed beyond this point.